Welcome to Oved Consultancy Services

In recognition of the centrality and cardinal nature of our business, we insist on men of good health, high integrity, dependable academic qualification, verifiable background and criminal free records.

Recruitment is handled by Our Human Resource Unit, Physical check and confirmation of gait of applicant precede written and oral interview. Thorough background check and verification are done before successful applicants are taken into our training school and Its only those that excel the final test of the training that are eventually employed

With the constant evolving nature of business, the need for skilled workforce keeps changing. Enabled Solutions partners with clients to deliver customized end to end solutions where we take full responsibility for the day to day operations and processes enabling our customers to focus on their core businesses.

Because of our strong technical expertise and vast business experience, we are able to deploy processes and resources required for on time delivery of projects within budget. We form a strong partnership with our clients to gain better understanding of the unique goals and objectives to be achieved and through this collaborative approach, our clients also gain access to skilled professionals and project management resources for on-going monitoring tools and techniques throughout a project life cycle.

We currently offer highly skilled professionals for temporary requirements across the various functional units of an organization including Human Resources, Management professionals, IT consultants, Administration, Finance / accounts.