What We Do

We are HR consultants who are adept in  Marketing, finance and, of course, human resource management as to fully understand issues and inefficiencies in human resources and how to remedy them.

We are experienced HR specialists, as this type of HR career involves possessing a deep understanding of everything from organizational management to labor laws to equal opportunity employment and beyond.

We offer strategic services that are of importance to large operations and also work with smaller companies who may need basic services related to recruiting, hiring, benefits, performance management, and training.

Advise management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures

Serve as internal consultants by analyzing a company’s current HR programs and recommending solutions

Develop, revise, and implement HR policies and procedures

Ensuring HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies and procedures and state/federal laws and regulations

Prepare and maintain reports related to specific HR projects

Assist with the development and coordination of recommended changes regarding workflow

Conduct audits of HR activities to ensure compliance

Present training sessions related to specific HR programs